The topic of bullying has been on the news a lot recently.  I did a series of blog posts about the subject.  To help organize them, I’ve created this page.  So, without further ado, here they are:

My Bullied History, Part 1 – Elementary School – Where I describe how some of my earliest bullying came from a surprising source.

My Bullied History, Part 2 – Junior High School – Being bullied takes a bad turn as someone I trust betrays me.

My Bullied History, Part 3 – High School – It seems like me versus the world when a group of bullies ensures that every single day of high school is a living hell.

My Bullied History, Part 4 – The Essay – A look back of my bullied high school days from an essay I wrote soon after it happened.

My Bullied History, Part 5 – Recovery – It’s a long and (still) ongoing process.  The damage, once done, does not simply go away when the bullying stops.

It Is Not Your Fault! – My response to a blog post which had tried to assign half the bullying blame to the bullied.  This post retells a lot of My Bullied History, but shows how a "go it alone" or "just fight back" approach won’t work.