Crafty Five Year Old Working The System

Over the weekend, B, NHL and I went to Six Flags.  (JSL stayed home with B’s parents.)  We were there from noon until 6:30 pm, so there are many stories to tell of the day.  One big one stands out though.  The Great Escape has a new park called Wiggles World dedicated to the Australian kids band.  NHL had a blast there, but one of his favorite parts of that park was the live show.  We actually missed the first half of it the first time around, but went back to Wiggles World and caught the first half later on.

Not wanting to hang around for the whole show, we told NHL that he could watch up until the part he had seen before and then we’d leave.  He watched, sang, and danced along until Wags came on.  That is where we had walked in last time so we informed him it was time to go.  As we left the Live Show section, he told us that he wanted to ride on Dorothy’s Tea Cups one more time.  We acquiesced and he went on the ride.

It soon became evident that he wasn’t making any real effort to spin the tea cup around.  In fact, he wasn’t even paying attention to the ride he was on.  It turns out that Dorothy’s Tea Cups are the only ride in Wiggles World that affords a complete view of the stage!  NHL worked the system and wound up being able to watch the rest of the show while on the ride.  B and I just had to laugh about it. (To ourselves, of course.  We don’t want to encourage him).  NHL is proving to be a master of working the system to his advantage!

(Photos of the Six Flags Adventure are coming soon!)