Welcome To TechyDad

Welcome to my new digs.  I guess it’s only fair that I introduce myself.  My name is TechyDad, but you can call me J.

Ok, so neither of those are my real name.  Here’s the deal.  Way back when the Web was young, I forged my online identity.  Me being young and all and only really needing to worry about myself, I used my full name freely.  Now, however, I’m in my 30’s have a wife and two wonderful children.  My wife started blogging and has kept her blog anonymous.  (Or as anonymous as possible.)

I’ve always wanted a place to comment freely.  I’m a member of several web sites (and run a few of my own), but some things I feel I just can’t post about with my real name tied to it.  Thus, TechyDad.com.

Like I said, I’m in my 30’s and have a wonderful wife and two wonderful children.  Like myself, I’m going to keep them anonymous also, but since I can’t just refer to them as Wife, Kid #1, and Kid #2, I’ll refer to them as B (my wife), NHL (my oldest son), and JSL (my youngest son).

More about me to come.