A Little VP Debate Fun

During Rosh Hashana, my wife and I were talking about the upcoming VP debate.  We were laughing about how someone came up with a Palin Drinking Game and were convinced that one would inevitably wind up drunk way too quickly.  So we came up with another idea: Palin Bingo!

A few (ok, 73) phrases later and some quick coding and we have a workable Palin Bingo!  Just load the page and print out a card.  Refresh the page and, since the phrases are chosen at random, you’ll get a whole new card.  So print them out for friends and family and let’s play!

Play Palin Bingo!

BTW, there appear to be other Palin Bingo games out there.  I happen to think this one is the best.  Then again, I’m biased since I wrote this one.


  • JL, thanks for posting this…. we are so excited to play! Pretty sure a bunch of friends stopped by to download it as well!

  • TechyDad

    Thanks. Unfortunately, I didn’t get “PALIN.” My wife did 47 minutes into the debate, though, after complaining that I handed her the bum cards. I was so close, too. She couldn’t mention Earmarks and Glass Ceiling? 😉