Bingo II: Revenge Of The Debate

As I said in my last entry, Palin Bingo was such a success that I decided to make another run of it for the upcoming Presidential debates.  I’ve removed the Palin-specific words (like "Trig", "Todd", and "Alaska") and added in some words that we missed the last time around.  In fact, we’ve added 71% more words.  There are actually 20 quindecillion (2 * 1049) possible Bingo cards.

I also added in some cool effects using jQuery (my favorite JavaScript library) and two plugins for it – the jQuery Corner Plugin and the jQuery Gradient Plugin.

Finally, I changed the center Free space.  You can now to choose Obama or McCain in the center (or opt to have it randomly filled).  It’s up to you whether that means that the Bingo game is only in play if Obama is talking, McCain is talking, or either one.

The debate is in a couple of days (as I post this), so spread the word.  Tell your family and friends.  Print out your Debate Bingo cards, pop some popcorn, and play Debate Bingo!


  • Hey JL-

    Chez E. Nowhere wants to know how you figured out the variants…

    and wants to challenge y’all over there to a “who gets DEBAT first” match!

  • TechyDad

    How I figured out how many cards there are? Easy. There are 125 numbers and 24 slots (plus a free space). The first slot would have 125 numbers to choose from. The second slot would have 124. The third, 123. And so on to slot #24 which would have 102 to choose from.

    This means that the number of possible cards is 125*124*123…..*102, or 2 x 1049 cards.

    Actually, if you want to be technical about it, each card could have either Obama or McCain on it so it’s really 4 x 1049 cards. However, since both images act the same, I figured that I shouldn’t count the free space variations.