Suggestions For Upcoming Debate Bingo

Palin Bingo was such a success (984 Palin Bingo cards created) that I decided to modify it for the upcoming Presidential Debate.  I’ve stripped the list of “Palin-specific” words (like Trig, Todd, Alaska, etc).  I’ve also added some Obama-McCain words (“Change” and “Hope”) as well as some words that my wife and I can’t believe we missed.  (How could we not have included “Main Street” or “Economy”?)

I’m sure there are words that I’ve still missed, so here is your chance to contribute.  If your word is accepted, you win a Free Debate Bingo board.  (What?  I’m giving them away for free anyway?  Shhh… Some people might think it’s a prize!  😉 )  The only rule to word selection is that it had to be something that one (or both) candidate might realistically say.

Also, it can’t be a word that I already have.  Here’s my list so far:

Bridge to No Where, Russia, Maverick, Alaska, Washington outsider, Pro-Life, Oil, Obama, Clinton, Community Organizer, Executive Experience, McCain, Taxes, Drill, Pork Barrel, Earmarks, Wall Street, Canada, Media, Conservative, Foreign Policy, Georgia, United Nations, Iraq, Iran, Bail-out, Terrorist, Afghanistan, Al Qaeda, Bin Laden, Ahmadinejad, Polls, President Bush, Lobbyist, Washington Insider, 9-11, Putin, Reformer, Main Street, Economy, Meltdown, Military, Negotiations, Washington Outsider, Energy Independence, Biden, Palin, Hope, Change, Liberal

So let’s hear those Bingo Words/Phrases everybody!


  • Putin, Troops, Freddie, Fannie, Health Care, General Petraeus, Bipartisan, NATO, Social Security, Congress, CEOs, Corporate America, investments, Bosnia, fundamental, Bush, jobs, unemployment, track record, reform, mortgage crisis, deregulate, tax relief, $250,000, Reagan, patriotic, tax burden, tax credit, education, financial crisis, alternative energy, corruption, greed, energy independence, global warming, clean coal technology, same-sex benefits, gay marriage, faith, surge, Iraqui security forces, Cheney, Pakistan, nuclear weapons, Kim Jong Il, Castro brothers, Israel, diplomatic efforts, Kissinger, Spain, Hamas, Hezbollah, North Korea, Darfur, legislation, Bush Doxctrine, corruption, No Child Left Behind, Executive Branch . . . . just to name a few for now 🙂

  • Some more:

    Constitution, cabinet, Supreme Court, judges, democrat, republican, independents, kitchen table, college, loans, credit, Roe v. Wade, civil rights, Washington DC, White House, freedom, allies, national security, philosophy

  • TechyDad

    kitchen table?

  • TechyDad

    I know I’m contributing to my own thread, but: Joe Sixpack!

  • Both VP candidates mentioned about Americans sitting and talking about things around their “kitchen table”

  • nuc-u-lar (as opposed to the correct pronunciation “nuclear”)

  • sit down, face to face, Muslim, family, future