JSL/Daddy Bonding Time

Last night, B’s parents took her and NHL to see Disney on Ice (check TheAngelForever.com as I’m sure my wife will post pics/videos soon).  JSL and I stayed home.  JSL wanted to watch TV.  Usually, this means recorded episodes of Blue’s Clues.  As I didn’t want to deal with tons of different Blue’s Clues episodes, I I looked through our DVDs to find a nice, long Blue’s Clues movie.  Instead, I happened upon "What’s the name of that Song?" from Sesame Street.  The DVD featured Super Grover and Elmo on the cover.  As soon as he saw it, JSL started chanting "Grover! Grover!"  So in went the DVD and we sat down on the couch to watch.

As the movie commenced, Super Grover is flying above the city wearing his helmet, cape and G on his chest-plate.  JSL chanted "Grover!  Hat!"  Yes, JSL, Grover is wearing a hat.  He watched the movie enthralled by it all.  He did get a bit annoyed when Grover wasn’t on screen though.  That’s my boy!  (I loved Grover growing up.  I had a stuffed Grover that I carried everywhere.  He’s still my favorite character.)  At the end, he kept pointing and laughing as Super Grover flew past the screen.  Then he signed and said "More!  More!  Grover!"  So we watched it again.  And again.  And again.  And again.  Yes, that’s 5 times.  I assure you, I *DO* know the name of that song as well as all of the lyrics and everything every character says.

During our bonding time, I decided to do a photographic experiment.  I found a sturdy perch for my camera, set the timer to 10 seconds, and took photos of JSL and myself.  JSL laughed whenever he saw his photo on the LCD screen.