My First Giveaway Win

On December 17th, Ima on (and off) the Bima posted a Chanukah giveaway.  She was giving away copies of Bruce, Bruce the Chanukah Moose.  I entered twice (once by posting a comment and a second time by tweeting the contest).  The next day, Ima notified me that I had won.  It was my first online giveaway win ever!  A few days later, B informed me that a package had arrived for me.  I ripped it open and inside was a copy of the book (along with a CD with music based on the book), 3 bags of chocolate gelt and a dreidel.

I’ve already read NHL the book, played the songs for him and played dreidel with him using the gelt.  He begged to be able to rip open his coins and eat them, but I told him that he couldn’t play with them if he did that.  (Empty foil wrappers don’t count!)  I let him eat a couple, but most were saved for future dreidel games.  Thanks to ImaBima for everything!

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