Things You Never Thought You’d Say Before You Were A Parent #2

It’s been awhile, so it’s time for another issue of "Things You Never Thought You’d Say Before You Were A Parent."

Our first TYNTYSBYWAP involves both JSL and NHL.  JSL has this bad habit of headbutting everything and everyone in sight.  Yesterday, he and NHL were playing.  NHL was laying down on the ground.  JSL approached him and headbutted him…. in the groin.  As NHL laughed, I exclaimed "JSL, do *not* headbutt your brother’s crotch!"

Then, just today, I was changing JSL into his PJs.  While laying on the changing table, JSL decided to play telephone.  It’s one of his favorite games.  He holds something – anything – up to his ear and pretends it is a telephone.  This time, however, I had to tell him:  "JSL, your foot is *NOT* a telephone!"

Has your little one made you say something you never thought you would say before you were a parent?


  • How about the famous: “Stop licking that!”

    • TechyDad

      That’s a good one. I had to tell NHL that multiple times during the last snowstorm. He’s insist on pulling snow off my car with his glove and then licking his glove. Just because you can catch snowflakes on your tongue doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to pick up snow and eat it. Luckily, he didn’t try to eat any yellow snow. (B pointed some out to him yesterday and told him what it was.)