This week in Tweets

  • Wondering how good the After Christmas sales are going to be. Sales were dismal this yr so stores should have lots of stock to get rid of. #
  • Ooh… ooh… Me wants! Ok, I know I don’t *NEED* it & there are other things I’d want before this, but it’s just so cool. #
  • Rats. Took the wrong thing to work for lunch. Thought I was taking leftover fish but took leftover pizza instead. #
  • Forgot we had 2 foil-wrapped leftovers in the fridge. #
  • Went to cafeteria they had free food for employees. Only meat & side dishes so I got sweet potatoes, green beans & fruit salad. #
  • They also had free pies for employees. Whole pies! Got an apple pie & put it w/ the pizza leftovers I took into the dept’s fridge. #
  • The Splash Guard is $2 + $5 shipping. The Nalgene bottle is $16.74 ($11.50 + $4 shipping + $1.24 tax). Total: $23.74. Want me to order it? #
  • Oops, last tweet should have been @TheAngelForever . #
  • Not much more time at work left. Then it’s home I go for chinese food out. Possibly sushi too! #
  • Testing Twitter Tools for WordPress now. Tweet Tweet! #
  • rt @PopJudaica: What do you get when you cross Klezmer with Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer? Quite an unusual mash up #
  • Spam filter caught a spam titled “Breath mints for stamina.” Not only do they imply I have no “stamina”, but they say I have bad breath too? #
  • My twitemperature is 110 right now. #
  • Retweeting @TheAngelForever: Chance to win a Word World DVD from Lipstick to Crayons –> #
  • RT @OwenC is giving away a Twitter Mug for New Year. Enter here: #
  • Won a prize from @skydiver’s Friday giveaways. Thought I’d be able to give it to someone. Turns out it’s nontransferrable. #
  • Now I feel guilty for winning it. Let this be a lesson to me: Only try to win a contest if I myself can use the prize! #
  • Boys & I are on the couch listening to Toot Toot Chugga Chugga & watching Sid the Science Kid. B’s sleeping. Wish I was asleep too. *YAWN!* #
  • Trying to come up with some healthy dinner options for the week. #
  • Weighed in this morning & the scale was *WAY* too high. Too much fattening holiday food eaten last week. #
  • B’s father called/asked what we were doing. I said “sitting in our underpants”…. meant “sitting in our PJs”. Think I need a nap. #

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