Skipping a Freeware Friday beat issue

I’m skipping today’s Freeware Friday. It’s not that I’m lacking in freeware. It’s just that I’m busy with other things (more on that later). I don’t want the constant pressure of needing to review a whole new app every week hanging over my head. Since this Freeware Friday thing is quite new, I’m changing it to be once per month instead of every week. This will also let me make the reviews more in-depth instead of a rushed out paragraph describing an application that requires three pages (and accompanying screen shots).

Now onto those other things I spoke of. I don’t want to reveal too much, but I have a Twitter Application that I’ve been working on for a couple of months now. Every time I get close to beta testing it, a new wrinkle appears making the app unsuitable for release. However, I think I’ll finally have all the kinks worked out next week. (*crosses fingers*) When I’m done, I’ll post a link here and I’ll also tweet about it. I might also turn it into something of a contest because, while my app idea is pretty good, my working name for it is bad. So I might run a "Name My Twitter App" contest. (I’m not sure what the prize would be.)