This week in Tweets

  • Happy Monday! Just messed up changing the office water cooler jug. Ignored the “remove this to install” sticker & removed the entire cap! #
  • Just found out that my favorite online computer retailer,, is on Twitter: @EggXpert #
  • Running a poll to try to find out how many people the average Twitter user follows. Please answer & RT #
  • RT @foodbloggernews: Is Quinoa Kosher for Passover? <= I love loopholes. Can’t wait to eat Quinoa during Passover! #
  • POLL: How many people do you follow on Twitter? Please retweet. #
  • RT @donttrythis: I just talked to Grant here & it’s official @grantimahara is real, not some impostor, & the 2nd Mythbuster on Twitter! yay! #
  • Ate my breakfast. Still hungry. Is it bad that I want to go to the cafeteria and eat a bagel or something before its Passover? #
  • Apparently, my work’s web filter today thinks that all “” shortened URLs are “Malicious Web Sites”. #
  • Is thinking that Passover would be so much easier if I could eat kitniyot like Sephardim do. Rice, beans, corn? I could live with those. #
  • Unfortunately, nothing’s marked “Kosher For Passover For Sephardic” so I can’t tell if that can of beans was made w/ chometz & can’t eat it. #
  • Just had a good customer service experience w/ @OhNuts. They sent the wrong item in my shipment. Sending the right item to arrive tomorrow. #
  • For the record, @OhNuts sent me this instead of this #
  • RT @fitnessdiet is giving away a new Ipod Touch to 1 lucky winner. #
  • Organizing digital camera photos. Been putting it off for months. #

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