Count Till Ten Tuesday

A few days ago, we had just put NHL to sleep and JSL was playing beside me.  He was sitting on the couch next to me pulling puzzle pieces out of a 9-piece wooden puzzle board.  As he pulled the pieces, I realized he was counting them!  A few of his numbers were garbled, but most were very recognizable.  I first wondered where he picked up this skill, but then realized that we’ve been counting to ten with NHL at least 4 times a day for his inhaler.  (Puff, inhale, hold breath for 10 seconds, wait 1 minute, repeat for second puff.)

He initially refused to repeat his counting skill for B, but eventually counted to 5 for her.  Then, while sitting at the dinner table, he started playing with his food.  He began to move food from one side of his tray to another while saying "wa, too, tee, pour, …"  I got out my camera and successfully recorded a second counting session:


I just love how he gets stuck bouncing between 7 and 8 after reaching 10.  He doesn’t yet know what numbers come after 10, but he’s determined to keep counting!     The little guy is getting so big.