NHL the Astrologer

A few weeks ago, we looked through a local community college’s summer camp brochure trying to figure out which sessions to sign NHL up for. We definitely wanted a dinosaur one since NHL loves dinosaurs. (Even moreso after we saw Walking With Dinosaurs.) For the other session, this listing caught my eye (click to enlarge):

Did you notice something wrong with that listing? That’s right, they’re calling the study of the planets, space and stars “Astrology.” I wanted to make sure that they wouldn’t be teaching my son about birth signs and how the alignment of the planets determines our destiny so we called to confirm. Yes, they meant “Astronomy”, not “Astrology.” While I found this mess-up a little funny, it was also a little scary to imagine that someone in the community college didn’t know the difference between the two. I’d recommend whoever messed this up head on over to the Bad Astronomy blog, run by the wonderful Phil Plait, and find out just why Astrology is wrong.