Happy Blogoversary To Me!

Today marks one year since I started blogging at TechyDad.com. So much has happened during that time. I’ve travelled to Charleston, South Carolina to see my best friend since Junior High School get married. I’ve vacationed with my family (and in-laws) in Walt Disney World for a week. (I still plan on finishing that series of posts up.)

I’ve had high moments (celebrating my 8th wedding anniversary) and low moments (An extremely scary weekend; Jacob’s febrile seizure where we thought he was choking to death). I’ve cooked a bit, taken TONS of photographs, and found interesting freeware. We’ve seen dinosaurs come alive at Walking with Dinosaurs then had JSL *become* a dinosaur! Meanwhile, NHL was nearly eaten by one as we went indoor mini-golfing.

I’ve posted about copyright, censorship, and working out. We confronted behavior issues with NHL, identified Singulair as the cause, and celebrated the return of the son we knew and loved.

In short, a lot has happened in just one short year. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings! To celebrate, TechyDad.com has a brand new look. I hope you like it and stick with me as the adventure continues in the coming year!

Happy Blogoversary To Me!