Vaccine Time

I’ve written before about the Sid The Science Kid on PBS.  Well, I was recently informed that Sid was going to have a special vaccination episode.  For children, vaccinations can be scary events.  Kids don’t always recognize that the small amount of pain now (from the needle stick) prevents a lot of suffering later (from the disease) and possibly even hospitalization/death.  Diseases that used to cause thousands of deaths a year just fifty years ago are rare today thanks to vaccinations.  Kids don’t see all this, though.  They just see an adult coming at them with a needle.  That’s why shows like Sid The Science Kid can be helpful.  If kids see their favorite TV characters getting a shot and being just fine, they’ll recognize that the shot won’t be that bad. Here’s a quick video of the Sid episode, airing this Monday, October 26th:



In related news, my employer just got in their supply of H1N1 vaccine so I’ll be headed down to Employee Health to get my jab.  Not just to keep myself from getting sick, mind you, but to also reduce the possibility that I will pass H1N1 on to NHL or JSL.  NHL and JSL will get their H1N1 shots when our doctor’s office gets their supply in.  I’d urge everyone to get their child vaccinated as soon as possible.  The more people who are vaccinated, the less victims the flu will claim.

EDIT: When I went down to get my shot, my Employee Health department told me that they aren’t giving them to people who don’t have direct patient contact.  This is a change from what they said before.  So I didn’t get my shot today, but I still plan on getting it as soon as possible.