Giftgiving, Guitar and Games, Oh My!

A few days ago, I decided to take a video of my boys opening their Chanukah presents.


As you can see, NHL’s present was a Super Hero Squad game for the Wii. I won this from Mommies With Style and we decided to give it to NHL for Chanukah. (Thanks, MWS!) A little while after this video was filmed, NHL was playing the game on the Wii, and beating my super-hero (Falcon) up as he played as The Incredible Hulk.

JSL already had seen his present when we bought it. Ever since we had gone to the Wiggles concert, he’s wanted a guitar like Murray. Strange, since his favorite Wiggle seems to be Anthony and not Murray. Anyway, he was there when we bought it in Toys ‘R Us, but threw a tantrum when he didn’t get it right away. He kept screaming "Want my Hanukah! Want my Hanukah!" He didn’t realize that he needed to actually wait for Chanukah before getting his gift. Once the box was opened and the guitar handed to him, he started playing…. Maybe not playing his guitar like Murray, but he did have fun.


Gotta love the excitement kids have opening gifts! Happy Chanukah, everyone!