My Geeky Padawan

As you may have guessed from the badge to the right, I’m headed to the Disney Social Media Moms convention in a month. We’re going to go a bit early to have some pre-convention Disney World fun and to go on rides that JSL is too little for but that NHL can ride. One of these is Star Tours.

I had been meaning to introduce NHL to Star Wars for some time. I’ve already introduced him to Batman (via the Batman: The Brave and The Bold TV show), Spiderman (via The Spectacular Spiderman TV series) and other super heroes via the Super Hero Squad video game. He also knows how to use computers and the Internet and is a whiz at figuring out how things work. (For example, how to record on the DVR even when Mommy and Daddy don’t want him recording a dozen new shows!!!) So it seemed only natural to expand his horizons to include Wookies, lightsabers and droids. (Oh my!)

This past weekend, while JSL napped, NHL and I sat down to view a rented copy of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. He’s already had some Star Wars exposure from a game on his LeapFrog Didj so he knows some of the characters. He even chose an R2-D2 figure for a recent prize. Side note: Color me jealous. His R2-D2 makes sounds when you push its button. I’m tempted to get one for my office to go next to my talking C-3PO.

Anyway, we sat down to some protests. He didn’t want to watch Star Wars! He wanted to play Wii! After telling him that R2-D2 was in this movie, he got more interested. Still, the movie quickly bored him. It turns out he doesn’t like things like dialogue and character development. Still, his interest got piqued during the land and space battles. Any time the heroes were in danger or were fighting, he was interested. Any other time, he quickly lost interest in the entire movie.

Overall, I think that he mostly enjoyed it and I still look forward to introducing him (and JSL when he gets old enough) to other Geeky interests.