His Royal Pup-Pup Title

JSL has always been a funny kid. He likes pretending that he’s a puppy, even so far as calling himself “JSL Pup-Pup.” He’ll walk around on all fours and lick us. The licking might get annoying, but then he looks at us and says “pup-pup kiss!” in this sweet little voice that makes it impossible to feel annoyed.

Recently, however, it’s gotten a little out of hand. It began with him insisting on being called “JSL Pup-Pup.” I couldn’t just call him JSL. That would lead to a tantrum. Then he decided that he was “Baby JSL Pup-Pup.” Then, considering that he wasn’t exactly a baby, but not wanting to drop that part of his title, expanded to “Baby JSL Pup-Pup, Big JSL Pup-Pup.” During Disney, he added “happy” to the list. No, not just “Happy Baby etc”, but “Baby JSL Pup-Pup, Happy Big JSL Pup-Pup, Big JSL Pup-Pup.” (Not sure why the “big” label needed to be repeated.) This seems to have been temporary, though, because he’s dropped it. Unfortunately, he’s replaced it with a “robot.” Don’t ask me where he heard about robots, but now he’s “Baby JSL Pup-Pup, Big JSL Pup-Pup, Robot JSL Pup-Pup.” Oh yes, and the other day, during a piggy back ride, he declared himself a cowboy also. Luckily here he combined titles.

His full title nowadays seems to be “Baby JSL Pup-Pup, Big JSL Pup-Pup, Robot Cowboy JSL Pup-Pup.” No abbreviations or nicknames (short of his brother calling him “babes”) will do. We must refer to him using the full phrase lest he remind us: “No! Me Baby JSL Pup-Pup. Me Big JSL Pup-Pup. Me Robot Cowboy JSL Pup-Pup!”

Ah, the joys of a two-and-a-half year old! 😉