Illness-Related Blog Draught

I’ve been going through a bit of a blogging drought lately and it’s all JSL’s fault.  You see, he’s been sick recently.  101 fevers and screaming that his hair/head/ears hurt.  It makes it hard to blog when you’re worried about your little one.  And if he’s bunking in your bed, waking you up every so many hours, well the exhaustion that sets in doesn’t help.

Luckily, though, JSL has had some happy moments in between sickly complaining.  For example, last night I was sitting in bed trying to get him to sleep.  JSL saw my Twitter Feed and saw a tweet from ThinkGeek. Since ThinkGeek’s mascot (and Twitter icon) is Timmy the Monkey, JSL shouted "Da Da, look! Ooh ooh ahh ahh on Da Da’s computer!"  I told him that was ThinkGeek and we got him to say it.  I neglected to get it on video, but I just rectified this mistake.


Yes, he’s my little Geek-In-Training!  And hopefully, JSL-Geek-In-Training will get better soon.  Meanwhile, I’ll work on posts bit by bit.  They’ll just come out slower than I’d hoped.