Blogging Limitations

Everybody has limits on what they talk about to other people and that goes for blogging as well. Of course, these limits are dependent on who you are talking to. A close personal friend might lend a supportive ear during a couple’s fight, but the spouse is unlikely to post the gory details on their blog for all the world the read. Limits are also different based on people. Some people will post tons of photos of their children, others won’t post a single shot. Some will reveal their real names and others like being anonymous.

Here at, I tend to avoid some personal issues and try to keep my blog rated PG. This wasn’t a concious choice, it’s just what I think is appropriate. Two things happened recently, however, that got me thinking about Blogging Limitations.

The first was a review opportunity. I saw a review by CutestKidEver concerning a massage kit from Eden Fantasys. In case you don’t know, Eden Fantasys sells (among other things) certain “gadgets” to help make you and/or your significant other “happy.” I commented to CutestKidEver how it might be a challenge to review some of their products on my blog. After all, I don’t use graphic terminology here so I’d have to describe the product’s performance via euphemism (e.g. “gadgets” and “happy” above). I wasn’t sure I was up for the job, but Eden Fantasys thought I was. I took it as a challenge. Look for my first review within a month. (I’m starting with a tamer item at first which should help.)

The next thing was a post that I wrote out. I had finished up and was quite proud of my literary accomplishment. I showed it to B and she immediately said “No.” It seems my idea of Blogging Limitations differed from hers and she didn’t want me posting on that subject or at least not in as much detail as I went into. (This was a mundane topic, nothing X-rated.) I was heart broken that my prose wouldn’t see the light of day (and did an awful job of hiding it), but I respected her decision. After all, I don’t want to make her uncomfortable with my blog posts.

What topics do you avoid talking about on your blog? What tends to be out of limits for you?


  • You could guest post somewhere else, making it further from the family? Just an idea – don’t want your words to go to waste. :o) (Sorry B!)

    I have a challenge because I work for a Christian Church system (a Presbytery Office – 36,000 constituents) and my blog address has slipped into publications on occasion, and certainly not by my doing. My family and my in-laws also read. I tend to keep things tamer because of it. I have started and killed four blogs to be more “racy” than I will be on mine. For now anyway.
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  • You can blog what ever you want! I know you can do it dude.
    .-= Clawid´s last blog ..Naruto Shippuuden Episode 158 =-.

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