Gangs of Roving Cows

While no the way to Buffalo (more on that later), NHL and JSL were excited to see cows out of their window as we passed a few farms.  NHL pointed and excitedly exclaimed: "Look! A gang of cows!"  B and I chuckled as we started discussing the existence of the Udders and Moos.  Do cow gangs roam the countryside terrorizing farms?  I knew farm life was difficult, but never knew how bad it was.

Of course, then I realized an even more horrible truth.  You might remember my Dear Kid Saturday post a month ago about how NHL declared he was a "Selective Vegetarian."  He was only going to eat animals that he didn’t like and he liked cows.  Is he, by refusing to eat potential cow gang members, supporting farm animal hoodlums?

Please, NHL, won’t you eat this burger so a farmer won’t have to live his life in fear of drive-by milk attacks?