Putting Kung Zhu Through Its Paces

As B posted about on Sunday, we recieved a big, BIG box of Kung Zhus to try out/throw a party with/give away. I struggled to put the tracks together, not because it was hard to do so, but because I was trying to make a self-contained system for the Kung Zhus to run around in. Eventually, I gave up on this idea. The resulting track was too unweildy and sections would be inaccessible.

Instead, I made four sub-systems. The first was the battle track using the Giant Battle Arena, Special Forces HQ and Ninja Dojo HQ. The second was a training ground using the special forces training sets. The third was a ninja training ground using, what else, the ninja training sets. The last was a general area using the remaining tracks.

P1300769.JPG P1300770.JPG
P1300772.JPG P1300771.JPG

After awhile, I got the idea to place the entrance to the special forces training area at the exit of the ninja training area. Then, I placed the general area’s entrance at the special forces exit. The result was one long track, albeit one that could easily be reconfigured into 3 separate tracks without disconnecting anything.


I got the idea of filming a Kung Zu’s eye view of the track as one of the little guys powered through. That proved to be impractical, so I just did an overhead video instead. Here’s Stonewall being put through the paces.


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