#BlogHer10 Memories Part 5 – My legs! My poor legs!

I began my second day of BlogHer by myself. B had an event to attend, so I went to get breakfast by myself. I’ll admit, sitting down at the table by myself, with other tables filled with people talking amongst themselves brought back some uncomfortable memories of High School. I wanted to pick some random table, sit down at it and strike up a conversation with the occupants, but wasn’t feeling brave enough. The food, however, was great.

P1310290.JPG P1310291.JPG
P1310292.JPG P1310295.JPG
P1310293.JPG P1310294.JPG
P1310296.JPG P1310297.JPG

As I finished my food, some ladies from XhaleIsProVoice sat down at my table and we struck up a conversation. Before the planned BlogHer speech began, I excused myself. I had decided that I wanted to go to the suites during this time instead of sitting and listening to speeches. As I got up, I felt my leg ache a bit but ignored it. I went to the 43rd floor where I found… nothing. The Microsoft suite was open but they told me they were seeing people by appointment only and had no open appointments at that time. The FireFox suite wasn’t opened yet. I went to the 42nd floor but didn’t fare any better.

Then I thought to myself: How often to you find yourself in a 44 story building? So I took the elevator to the top and took some photos from really high up.

P1310317.JPG P1310325.JPG
P1310319.JPG P1310323.JPG

Then, I decided to kill time by going to street level and walking around for a bit. I wandered only a block or so taking photos along the way. During my walk, I almost fell into the street as my leg gave out. Not a good sign.

P1310350.JPG P1310331.JPG
P1310338.JPG P1310345.JPG

Finally, I got a message from B and CutestKidEver that they were returning to the Hilton. I met them out front and we proceeded to the MomSelect Swag Suite where we got some swag, but more importantly met up with Deb (Mom of 3 Girls), Kailani (An Island Life) and Xenia (Thanks, Mail Carrier).

P1310359.JPG P1310362.JPG
P1310363.JPG P1310364.JPG
P1310365.JPG P1310368.JPG
P1310366.JPG P1310367.JPG
P1310369.JPG P1310370.JPG
P1310372.JPG P1310373.JPG

After this, we proceeded to the MyBlogSpark suite where we spoke with many company representatives, learned about a bunch of great products (and even tried some) and, yes, got free stuff.

P1310379.JPG P1310380.JPG

Following MyBlogSpark, we headed on over to the S’mores Snacktivity suite and got to make some S’mores. My only complaint here was that I found out they had dark chocolate only after eating a milk chocolate smore and was too full to make and eat a second. I guess that just means I’ll need to make a S’more at home!


By this time, my legs were really killing me. We planned to go back to our room to drop off our swag before heading to the Expo for awhile. Unfortunately, the elevators were full so B suggested taking the stairs. Did I mention my legs hurt? Every step was filled with pain and the fear that they would give out sending me toppling down the steps. Luckily, my legs held out and we made it to our floor…. the opposite side of our floor! Our hotel room was now down a loooooong hallway. *sigh*

After putting our swag away, we went down to the expo and walked around, chatting with company representatives and checking out more products. Yes, collecting more swag also.

P1310415.JPG P1310405.JPG
P1310408.JPG P1310417.JPG

One note here. We didn’t try to grab everything shoved our way. We even passed up on some swag that we felt we just wouldn’t use (or couldn’t give away as gifts). However, there was so much out there that we wound up accumulating a lot of swag. That’s ok, though, because we plan on slowly putting it all to use in some way, shape or form.

Back to the story, though. Our journeys were leaving us hungry. Luckily, it was lunchtime! And, as usual, the Hilton did not disappoint food-wise. One nice touch were the signs on each dish letting people know which were vegetarian, vegan and/or glutten free.

P1310425.JPG P1310426.JPG
P1310428.JPG P1310430.JPG
P1310432.JPG P1310429.JPG
P1310435.JPG P1310431.JPG
P1310437.JPG P1310439.JPG
P1310440.JPG P1310441.JPG
P1310442.JPG P1310443.JPG
P1310444.JPG P1310445.JPG
P1310446.JPG P1310447.JPG
P1310449.JPG P1310450.JPG
P1310451.JPG P1310452.JPG
P1310453.JPG P1310454.JPG
P1310455.JPG P1310457.JPG
P1310461.JPG P1310462.JPG
P1310463.JPG P1310464.JPG
P1310465.JPG P1310466.JPG
P1310467.JPG P1310471.JPG

After lunch, we split up again to attend more sessions. But the story of what transpired there will need to wait for another day.

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