Cheating and Desire at #BlogHer10

I’m in a long term, comitted relationship that has lasted many years. The two of us have produced many great things together. Yet, while at BlogHer’s Sparklecorn party, I looked at Louise at MomStart and felt a certain desire. I even cheated a bit.

Now, before I start too many rumors, I’m not talking about the relationship between B and me. The “long term relationship” is with my camera. I’ve had this camera for about 3 years now and the “great things produced together” were the many, many photos taken. The desire I felt was not towards Louise herself (though I’m sure she’s very pretty, I just don’t desire women other than B). No, the desire was towards her camera. I don’t even remember the exact make or model. Just that it was a DSLR. And it was a beauty.

A little history. My first digital camera was purchased in 1999 just a short while before my sister’s wedding. It was 2 megapixels and had no optical zoom. Yet, it was pretty good for a consumer camera of the time. Before B and I decided to seriously try to have kids, we went on a “last hurrah” trip to Las Vegas. (Little did we realize, NHL was tagging along.) I took 110 photos using my camera. That number is burned into my brain. I just wish the photos were burned in there, because at some point heading home the camera was lost or stolen. We were pretty sure when/where it happened, but were told that no investigation would be done and we would only get a police report to help with insurance.

Luckily, my insurance company was great and I was able to buy a camera with 4 megapixels and a 3x zoom. Before long, I was delving deep into the world of digital photography. I was shooting macro photos, landscapes, whatever I could. A poster I made still hangs on my wall. It depicts a small flower I macro-photographed which, upon examination on the computer, turned out to have tiny ants on it that I didn’t see before hand. The poster’s caption: “Even the tiniest flower contains and entire world just waiting to be discovered.”

During a trip to a local park, I was switching out lenses. Holding my camera in my left hand, I unscrewed the lens with my right hand and then reached into my camera bag with my left hand to get the case for the lens. Unfortunately, I forgot I was holding the camera and I watched in horror as it dropped to the concrete and bounced. Luckily, except for a few scuff marks, it seemed fine. But, over time, it started having more and more problems focusing.

That’s when I bought my newest camera. 4 megapixels, a 12x digital zoom and anti-shake controls so that it doesn’t blur with the slightest twitch. Plus, it does video with sound! (This was amazing to me when I first got the camera as many cameras at that time did video but didn’t do sound.)

Now, this camera has been good to me, but I’ve often fantasized about a DSLR. I would love to have one of those around my neck. At one point, during Sparklecorn, B and a few of her blogger friends wanted their picture taken so I agreed. I was handed a beauty of a DSLR and snapped a few photos. I loved it, even though I only got to take two quick photos with it.

I’d love to run out right now and bring home a nice DSLR, but there’s a little matter of money. DSLR’s tend to be pricey and we have bills to pay for things that are more important than a new camera for me. Plus, I haven’t figured out a compelling argument to get B to agree why I need to plunk cash down for a DSLR when my current camera still works well. Oh, well. Until I can find a nice, used one for not too much money (or somehow land a DSLR review *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*), I guess I’ll just have to continue to have Photo Geek fantasies while I take more photos with my current camera.


  • LOL you just totally freaked me out with the way you opened that post!

  • TechyDad

    lol… I was trying to find a way to phrase “I want a new camera” in a bit more exciting way and this first paragraph just kind of flowed out. I actually ran the post by B first as I wanted to make sure I didn’t go too over the top with the intro. I’m still half-expecting some internet rumor to crop up concerning me and @MomStart from someone who read the first paragraph and didn’t read the rest.

  • Wait until Louise sees this! You had me too with the post title. Excellent writing!
    ConnieFoggles recently posted..Winner Walmart Gift CardMy Profile

  • LOL,You sucked me right in here with that post title! well done! Btw, I share your camera lust, after seeing some of the great setup’s at BlogHer I too was consumed with nerdish lust!
    geekbabe recently posted..Wordless Wednesday funMy Profile

  • Dang! I was ready to jump on a plane and come punch you in the nose! Way too funny Techy Dad! I love a good laugh!
    Simply Cathi recently posted..Project 365 – Day 242My Profile

  • I just recently purchased my DSLR. I am completely and totally in love! I worked at 2 different portrait studios where they were used and got to play with them every day but my at home camera, when I had one, seriously lacked. I drooled over my friends cameras and would walk by the displays everytime I had a chance in complete awwe. I finally after 3 years decided to buy myself a Christmas present and finally got my Nikon D3000. I would like to still get a few more lenses and things but I am so very happy with my camera. I love the quality of the pics and that I can edit them right inside the camera. It was one of the less expensive DSLRs that were at the store. Good luck on your convincing, I just had to convince myself and it took 3 years. lol.

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