In Their Own #BlogHer10 Words

It all begain rather innocently. WhyIsDaddyCrying challenged a dad in attendence at BlogHer to stand up at one of the sessions and ask: “Why is Daddy Crying?” I accepted but soon realized I wouldn’t have the chutzpah to pull it off. Then I saw the speech balloon center. This was an area where passing bloggers could stop and write down some sayings be they funny, inspirational or just shout-outs to their friends. I took a pen and wrote:

P1310092.JPG P1310094.JPG

Later, I decided to see what else was written. Here’s just a small sampling, categorized for your convinience.

In the “Escapee From Sesame Street” category:


This one was written by Count Von Count, I believe. He must have wandered off of Sesame Street while counting the street numbers. “5th Avenue! 6th Avenue! 7th Avenue! HAH! HAH! HAH! HAH!” This also explains the lightning that came out of nowhere during BlogHer.

In the TMI category:


Somewhere, marketing experts are now calling going commando the new “in thing” among Mommy Bloggers.

In the “Suuuure you’re not” category (also the “Why didn’t I think of that excuse” category):


In the “What happens at BlogHer, stays at BlogHer” category:

P1310267.JPG P1310279.JPG
P1310258.JPG P1310257.JPG

In the “Wait… What was I talking about?” category:

P1310272.JPG P1310283.JPG

In the “Guy Amongst Women” category:


In the “Should I feel bad that I wasn’t” category:


In the “Compliments will get you everywhere” and “Does this count as being propositioned?” categories:


In the “Uses both hands sounds slightly dirty” category:


In the “010000010110111001110011011101110110010101110010001000000110100101110011001000000011010000110010” category:


In the “Suuure, it was!” category:


In the “What’s the male version of ‘hoochie’?” category:


In the “No Sleep At BlogHer” category:


In the “I’m Drama-Challenged” category:


In the “Dirty BlogHer Limerick” category:


… Who went to BlogHer with a bucket. He filled it with swag, tossed it all in a bag, and… shipped it back home to Nantucket! What? Think you can do better? Leave a comment with your BlogHer Limerick!