TechyDad and the No Good, Horrible, Rotten Day

Today was not my best day.  In fact, it was filled with FAIL after FAIL.  It started off promising enough.  I got NHL ready for school and myself ready for a day of training.  I dropped NHL off and began into work.  Halfway to work, I snapped out of “auto-pilot” mode realizing that I wasn’t going to my office today.  I was going to training!  And training was in the exact opposite direction.  Note: Face-palming while driving is *not* recommended.

After I got to training, things looked up.  I arrived on time and the training session was going well.  Then we broke for lunch and I went with my boss to a local sub place.  Exiting his car, I happened to look down at my two brown shoes.  My two MISMATCHED brown shoes.  I was mortified but resolved not to mention a word lest I suffer more embarrassment.  Instead, I went out of my way to (as subtly as possible) make sure both shoes weren’t in his field of vision at the same time.

At one point during the day, I had needed a password for a site.  Now, I usually carry around a USB flash drive with passwords and some other documents.  So I plugged that in and got my password.  After I arrived home, I realized that I couldn’t remember putting the flash drive away.  Yes, I had forgotten the drive at the training center.  I called and they were closed for the day.  I was able to reach my account representative who said he’d put it aside for me.

So, after all of that stress, I’m looking at the big To-Do list of things I should get done tonight and thinking “I *really* want to just veg out with some Kirby’s Epic Yarn until it’s time for bed.”  I think I’ll justify it by saying that any development work or housework I do tonight is potentially cursed.  Who knows?  I might delete the database instead of copying it or drop the dishes while trying to load the dishwasher.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is better.

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  • Dude, I’m so feeling you on going the wrong direction thing. You get in the zone of doing the same thing, go on autopilot (to plagiarize) and the anvil drops on your head and you finally wake up.