Lollipop Hearts

For Valentine’s Day, we got the boys some lollipops.  (Of course, by “we”, I mean B.  She’s the one who found and purchased them.)  Of course, these weren’t ordinary lollipops, but heart shaped ones on ring “sticks.”  I took the opportunity to whip out my DSLR and get a few photos.  (Click on the photos to enlarge them.)


I love how blue JSL’s eyes are in this shot.  The DSLR picks that up so nicely.


NHL is always looking away from the camera for some reason.  I think the TV might have been on.  Also, he seems to have inherited my hair in at least one respect.  When I need a haircut, my hair refuses to obey any commands of mine and simply does whatever it wants to do.


I love the depth of field in this shot.  That and the wonderful smile hiding behind that lollipop.

It’s times like this that I love that we live in the age of digital photography.  These moments are now captured and stored for years to come.  When our boys are grown, we can go back and relive these moments over and over again.