No Time For Photos

Today is Wednesday. Usually, this would mean I’d be posting some fun or interesting photo I took for Wordless Wednesday. Sadly, I don’t have any photos to post. I don’t mean that I don’t have any fun or interesting photos. I mean I have *NO* photos at all.

The past week or so has been hectic.  Between room cleaning, snow and ice clearing, freelance work, a website I had an idea for and the various other “normal life” things that take up my time, I’ve had no time or energy to wield my camera as of late.

I’ve seen plenty of things that would make for great photos: colorful, cloud marked skies, snow covered trees, cars that haven’t been moved in weeks which are buried in snow, sparkling ice on a bush.  However, as I’m noticing these things I’m either driving (stopping in the middle of the highway to take a picture of the sky isn’t too safe) or running late (if I need to drop NHL off to school in 5 minutes, I’m not going to stop to take sparkling ice photos).

Hopefully, things will calm down in the next week or so and I can resume taking photos again.  I need to practice with this camera as much as I can because I’ll be taking tons of photos when we go to Disney World!