Dizzy Fun Times On The Playground

As a perk of the warmer weather, I took NHL and JSL to a local park two times over the weekend.  Of course, I took my camera and video camera with me and took many, many photos as well as a few videos.  I’ll run a few of the photos tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday.  For now, I dare you to watch this video full screen and not get dizzy!

One comment

  • Those have disappeared from many of our parks, we came across one last summer in a small town along Lake Huron and E had so much fun on it. I remember going on those and spinning as fast as we could and then jumping off! Now that seems kinda dangerous, oh the things we used to play on back then. According to safety standards now it’s a wonder we made it to adulthood. At our local park the fireman’s poles were taken out, for safety reasons, which Brad found beyond lame.