100 Steps Father-Son Photoshoot

This was going to be a “Wordless Wednesday” post, but I needed to give too much back-story.  So instead, it’s a “Wordy Wednesday” post!  And a Photo-Heavy-Wordy-Wednesday post to boot.

On JSL’s birthday, he got a new camera.  In addition, I gave NHL my old camera with the broken flash.  (Where “gave” means “let him use with my supervision.”)

A few days later, Chookooloonks posted some photography exercises.  Among them was one called “100 Steps.”  It’s very simple.  Step 1: Grab your cameras.  Step 2: Walk out your front door.  Step 3: Take 100 steps.  Step 4: Find 20 things to take photos off.

So I armed the boys with their cameras, explained what we were going to do, gave them some ground rules (no photos of people without their permission, car license plates, etc) and off we went.  To keep things simple (especially for 4 year old JSL), I limited us to 10 photos.

First, here are mine:


Now, here are NHL’s (with 2 removed because they were horribly out of focus and 1 removed because it could identify a neighbor’s house):

P1360581 P1360582 P1360584 P1360586 P1360587 P1360588 P1360589

Here are JSL’s (he only took nine):

DC000647 DC000648 DC000649 DC000650 DC000651 DC000652 DC000653DC000654DC000655

After we were done, we decided to stretch the rules and walk around our block for a bit taking more photos.  Here are some of ours.  See if you can guess who took which photos.

DC000661 DC000666DC000670 DC000674   P1360604 P1360607  P1360610 P1360630IMGP0125 IMGP0130IMGP0123 IMGP0126 IMGP0128  IMGP0120

If you answered that the first 4 were JSL’s, the next 4 were NHL’s and the last 6 were from me, then you were right!  Your prize?  The chance to go do the same thing with your kids.  Go outside for a walk and take photos together.  If they don’t have cameras, don’t worry.  Just have them point out things for you to take photos of.  Just remember the most important rule of all is to have fun together!