How Did November Pass So Quickly?

It seems like only yesterday that I was lamenting the ending of August.  I was sure that the nice, warm weather was soon to be replaced by cold, wind, and snow.  Summer was over, but I was in denial.  It didn’t matter if the thermometer read 50 degrees instead of 80.  It didn’t matter when snow began coming down.  I was still in a summer frame of mind.

Of course, I could only maintain denial for so long.  Eventually, I had to give in and admit that fall was here.  After all, the crunching of leaves under my feet isn’t particularly “summery.”  Neither is the need to put on a jacket before going out.

But here we are now, November 28th, and I’m suddenly struck by how quickly the months have gone.  I barely realized that October had begun and then we were taking the boys trick or treating.  The candy stashes from that holiday weren’t gone when it was time for turkey and Thanksgiving.

Now, we stand on the precipice of the winter holiday season.  The stores have long ago begun the annual Christmas assault – putting up decorations and playing music the minute Halloween was over as if Thanksgiving didn’t even exist.  Radio stations are going Christmas Music 24-7.  Shoppers are crowding malls for deals (and getting a little too aggressive, I might add).

I feel like someone has pressed fast-forward on the world’s remote control.  Can someone please find it and hit pause for a bit?