Why So Spammy?

When blogging, it can be discouraging to post day after day and see little to no comments.  Almost worse than no comments, however, are tons of comments.  Tons of spam comments, that is.  Since I last deleted the spam comments (on November 9th), this blog has gotten over 1,600 spam comments.  That’s over 130 per day or 1 spam comment every 11 minutes!  Here’s a graph of my spam comments day to day.




That big red line shows how many spam comments I got daily.  The green line hugging zero?  Those are my non-spam comments.  If only I could transform spam comments into real comments, I’d have more comments than I could reply to.  Of course, if I had that ability, I think I’d use it on all of those “Nigerian Princes” and “European Lotteries” that keep e-mailing me.

Thankfully, Akismet snags most of the spam comments.  Sadly, some slip through.  This means that spammy comments are visible on my blog until I take them down.  I think I need to find some WordPress plugins to help reduce my spam load.

What do you do to reduce spam comments?  Also, any guesses on how many spam comments this post will get?

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