Bad Luck and The Glasses

where-are-my-sunglassesA few days ago was Friday the 13th.  For many people, this is a day to cower in fear of bad things happening.  Good thing I’m not superstitious, right?  Or am I?

This was to be quite the busy day.  B needed my help going through the boys’ clothes. With spring here and a trip coming up soon, winter clothes just wouldn’t do. So I took up bins of old clothes from the basement and we figured out what they had outgrown and what they could wear. Clothes that JSL could grow into got put back away while two big bags of clothes got ready to be donated while we were out getting haircuts and buying some needed new clothes at Target.  On the way out, I grabbed my light jacket and stuffed my sunglass case in the pocket.

On the way to our first stop, NHL commented that Friday the 13th was an unlucky day. I told him that "bad luck" didn’t really exist and was just a superstition that people used to believe in.  Then, we went to get our haircuts, stopped by Target to buy a few needed clothes, and stopped by Goodwill to donate the used clothes.

After leaving Goodwill, the sun was glaring in my eyes. I reached for the pocket with my sunglasses. Empty! Glancing around the car in sudden panic, B asked me what was wrong. I told her of my missing sunglasses.

Let me pause for a second to clarify something. This was no cheap pair of sunglasses. They had prescription lenses in them. Replacing them would cost over $200. You can see why I’d be upset.

B executed an emergency U-turn and we backtracked. Goodwill hadn’t seen them. Neither had Target or the haircut place. We ransacked the car but came up empty. They were gone. My expensive sunglasses had vanished.

I spent the rest of the day feeling depressed.  Yes, they were just sunglasses, but I couldn’t help it.  I kept thinking about each thing I could have done differently.  Not taken my sunglasses.  Left them in the car.  Checked my pocket more often.  So many things and it was all my fault.

The next day, after going to temple (and, yes, I did pray that I’d find my sunglasses), B decided to call Target again.  After all, they had told me to call back in case someone found them.  She described them to someone and the person looked in the lost and found area…. And found them!  Target had them!!!  We nearly jumped with joy as we all but pushed the kids out the door on our way to pick them up.

I decided that perhaps Friday the 13th might be a bit unlucky after all.  Even so, perhaps Saturday the 14th is a lucky day!  Or so I thought until my regular glasses broke.  (Not bad,  but enough that they’ll need to be fixed this week.)

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  • Angel Ramusen

    How ironic that someone who doesn’t believe in the Friday the 13Th superstition suddenly experienced unluckiness that this day brings. Glad that you had your precious sunglass back 🙂