The No Blog Post Post

There will be no blog post today.

Ok, there’s this one.  So I guess there *is* a blog post today.  But this one doesn’t count.

There’s been a lot of stress in my life recently.  I’ve been feeling like I need to be running at top speed 100% of the time just to keep from losing ground.  Check that.  I run at top speed 100% of the time and *STILL* lose ground.  What doesn’t help is that, at times of extreme stress like this, my brain reacts by shutting down.  I’ll need some serious decompression.  I’m craving it right now.

So, as I write this the night before you are reading it, I’m not feeling motivated to write a proper blog post.  Rather than rooting through photos to pull together an image-laden blog post followed by a 1am bedtime, I’m going to let my mind vegetate a bit.  I’m going to load up Lego Batman on the Nintendo DS and break some blocks.  (Surprising how therapeutic smashing virtual scenery is.)  Then, I’ll try to get to bed early.

Hopefully, this combination will let me release some stress so my brain will unfreeze and I can blog properly again.

Update: As I tried to post this, I encountered server problems. Forget the DS, I’m going right to bed!

How do you react to too much stress?