Passing The Geekiness On To The Future

There are quite a few pieces of geeky culture that I have shared with NHL.  I’ve introduced him to superheroes, to video games, Star Wars, and even to the Internet.  However, there are still many more things to show him.  Some will need to wait until he is older, but this weekend I showed him yet another element: Back To The Future.

Back To The Future is, of course, the classic time travel tale featuring Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd.  NHL was pretty excited when we took it out of the library.  When the movie began, however, he changed his mind.  It was just going too slow for his taste and he wanted to turn something else on.  I kept reassuring him that this was all setup and that things would pick up once they went back in time.

Then, Marty got himself stuck in 1955.  From that point on, NHL was hooked.  He was on the edge of his seat as Marty’s siblings started to disappear.  He cheered when Marty triumphed over Biff.  He kept hoping against hope that Doc and Marty could pull off their plan and get Marty home.

Then, Doc showed up at the end and whisked Marty and Jennifer off to the future.  Though we didn’t have time, he kept trying to guess what happened next.  He is definitely a Back To The Future fan and can’t wait until we have time to watch parts 2 and 3.

What geeky movies have you and your kids watched recently?