As I sit here trying to come up with a blog post, I find myself fending off distraction after distraction.  First, there was my Google Reader – flush with blog posts that I didn’t check over Rosh Hashana.  There were hundreds of blog posts, deals, comic strips, and more to check out.

After I put that aside, Twitter beckoned.  I suddenly felt the need to see what everyone else was doing.  Were people still talking about NickMoms and copyright?  Did someone post a funny link or an insightful article?  I was offline for two days for Rosh Hashana and then was very busy during the day catching up with work so I needed my social media fix.  (Hey, I’m not an addict.  I can quit any time I want… I just don’t want to.)

With my inner social media junkie satisfied, I got down to the serious business of a blog post.  That is, until I felt the lure of my smartphone.  Specifically, Where’s My Water – my new Smartphone gaming addiction.  How could I blog when Swampy just needed me to guide water into his tub.  Just one more level and I’ll write my post.  Ok, that was kind of easy so maybe that didn’t count.  One more level.  Ooh, I wonder what level comes next…. What?  Oh, right.  The blog post.

So here I am.  All my distractions have been shaken off and I can finally get down to the serious business of writing my blog po… Oooh. Doctor Who on Netflix!

What tends to distract you?