Missing Out On Memes… Gangnam Style

There are certain things that suddenly explode online.  They spread like wildfire and pretty soon everyone is talking about them.  Sometimes, I find myself participating in them, but sometimes I remain unaware of what the whole fuss is about.  When it comes to Gangnam Style, it’s a case of the latter.

I’ve seen various references to Gangnam Style and know enough to realize that it is a YouTube sensation video by a South Korean singer.  Beyond that, however, I’m clueless.  (I even had to look up the spelling of the song as I started typing it out as "Gangham Style.")

I have never watched Gangnam Style and don’t really feel the urge to do so.  So while the rest of the Internet laughs together about various Gangnam references, I’ll likely remain Gangnam-in-the-dark for some time to come.  (Part of the reason why I’m not going to YouTube to embed the video here.  If I did so, I’d probably watch it and this whole post would become moot!)

What memes have you participated in and which have you skipped?  Also, have you watched Gangnam Style?