Storybook Circus Giggle Gang in #NewFantasyland

Lately, I’ve been stressing about a topic which, unfortunately, I can’t blog or tweet about.  (There go my primary methods of getting things off my chest!)  At times like this, I wish I could just magically transport myself to Disney World for a few much-needed laughs.  In fact, I think the clowns of Storybook Circus’ Giggle Gang would be just the cure.  Since they are oh-so-far away, though, I’ll just look at these photos and laugh at the funny memories of them.

First, the Giggle Gang arrives:


They’re not just there to entertain, though, they’re there to educate.  Yes, this is Clown University:


Today’s lesson: What do you do when you reach the end of your rope?


Answer: Seek out some friends to help you unwind!  (Preferably at Disney World.)


Thanks for the lesson (and the laughs), Giggle Gang!

Disclosure: I was invited to the New Fantasyland media event December 5th through 7th. Disney paid for my travel, our park tickets, room, and a few other items. I was able to take B along as my guest, but we paid for her own travel as well as an extra night in the resort. The opinions expressed above are my own.