Feeling Naked

Yesterday, I went to work feeling completely naked.  No, I didn’t somehow neglect to clothe myself.  (I’m not *THAT* forgetful.)  Instead, I went out without something very important to me.  My watch.


I feel completely naked without my watch.  Sure, I could get my time from my phone, computer, car, cable box, or any of the other dozen clocks that litter my field of vision.  Still, glancing at my wrist is a force of habit ingrained over the years.

Unfortunately, the battery in my watch is dying.  This means that watch keeps running slow.  Even if I reset the time, it quickly falls behind.  The only thing worse than no watch at all is a watch whose time you can’t trust.  Until I get it fixed, the watch is staying off my wrist.

What items (beyond "clothing") do you feel naked without?

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