Pickle Weasel Fun

Yesterday, B downloaded and installed a new app onto her iPad: The Pickle Weasel App.

When I had a moment, I quickly snagged her iPad to try it out.  I haven’t tried everything yet, but I did test out the drawing games.  I like how you get a partial picture (either Pickle Weasel or something else) and are prompted to complete the drawing.

For example, my first drawing involved making a carrot look drunk.


"I’m not (hic) drunk.  I’m just perflic— perfack— (hic) pefufflely… I’m fine. (hic)"


After the carrot, I drew a pickle pirate.


Looks like he found his gold. ARRR!!

But wait… What happened to the guy who was guarding the gold?


I’m sure he’ll be fine.  He just needs a band-aid.  Or thirty.

For my last picture, I sent Pickle Weasel into space.  He was almost perfectly prepared for his trip.  I think I forgot one thing… I just can’t remember what it is.



As you can see, JC Little – creator of Pickle Weasel and artist-extraordinaire – has nothing to fear from my skills.  I think I’ll keep my day job.  I will, however, have some Pickle Weasel fun on the iPad.  Assuming, that is, that I can get it away from my wife and kids.  (Translation: I shall never get to use it again.)