file0001915505944When I first started, I thought of it as a means of expressing my views on various subjects that interested me.  While I’ve done that on many topics (Bullying, Autism/Asperger’s, copyright law), there are other topics that I haven’t written about.  Topics that inspire much more controversy.

It isn’t that I don’t have opinions on these topics.  I definitely do.  Neither is it that I don’t think I can write a post about it without denigrating people who disagree with me.  I take pride in an even handed approach that doesn’t insult people based on their opinions even if they are directly opposed to the views I hold.

Still, I hold back on writing about these topics.  Part of me wonders if I would lose readers should I try tackling them.  After all, while I see nothing wrong in following someone who holds a different opinion than me (in fact, I welcome it), plenty of other people do.  Too many people seem to think that you must express exactly the opinion they hold dear or they can’t associate with you at all.  Other people troll specifically for articles on those subjects.

On the other hand, I’ve long prided myself on not choosing my actions based on whether those actions would make people like me.  I might choose my words carefully so as to not intentionally insult someone, but I won’t alter my opinions and actions just because it will keep a friend.

I haven’t completely decided to blog about the more controversial subject matter, but I am seriously considering it.

Do you avoid controversial subjects or do you tackle them head on?

NOTE: The "shouting" image above is by carygrant and is available via morgueFile.