Age Appropriate TV

hdtv_smallRecently, NHL took a liking to watching The Pink Panther on Netflix.  He loves the comedy of the classic cartoons.  Unfortunately, his peers don’t seem to share his enthusiasm.  In fact, one of them recently made fun of him for it.

First of all, I took NHL aside and gave him a bit of advice.  I told him that he is NOT to stop watching or enjoying something just because someone else doesn’t like it and especially not because someone made fun of him for it.

Beyond that, however, B and I decided that we should introduce him to some age appropriate television shows.  It’s all well and good that JSL loves Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Doc McStuffins, and other Disney Jr. shows.  NHL, however, is too old for those programs.

We began to brainstorm what kinds of shows a 9 year old would watch.  Unfortunately, all the shows we came up with came from our childhood: Alf, the Cosby Show, and Full House to name a few.  These shows, while age appropriate, aren’t likely to be interests that his peers share.  I doubt that many kids in the fourth grade watch the antics of Willie Tanner, Cliff Huxtable, or Joey Gladstone.

So we’re on the hunt to introduce NHL to some shows that suit him both in terms of subject matter, age appropriateness, and peer popularity.  We won’t show him a program to merely because everyone else is watching it, but it would be nice for him to have common interests with his classmates.

What shows do you think suit a nine year old boy?

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