Attack of the Night Ninja

night_ninjaWhen the boys were younger, they were quite vocal if they wanted to come into bed with us (for example, if they had a bad dreams).  They would stay in their bed and yell for us until we came and either brought them to our bed or cuddled into their bed with them.  As they got older, they would get out of bed on their own, come to our room, and wake us up if they had a bad dream or needed something.

NHL now sleeps through most nights without a problem, but lately JSL has displayed a special skill.  Under the cover of darkness, he becomes a Night Ninja: able to sneak into our room and slip undetected into bed with us.  On more than one occasion, B and I have woken up to find an invader in our bed and no clue how he got there.

It would be bad enough if he just snuck in, but he also pushes us away from him and towards the edges of the bed.  We’ll often wake up aching from being kicked and pushed off of our own bed.

Have you ever had to deal with a night ninja?