Five Years of Blogging

DTRave_Cartoon_Computer_and_Desktop_smallFive years ago tomorrow, I began my blogging adventure.  At the time, I didn’t know what to expect.  All I knew was that I felt I had a lot to say.  B had been blogging for about a year and a half and I decided to do the same.  I set up a WordPress blog and made my first post.  Then, five days later, and after some website work, I wrote a second post and then, a third a day after that.  I was on my way.

Blogging certainly wasn’t what I was expecting when I began.  I remember being very upset that I had no comments on my blog when all these other blogs I read would have dozens.  I began to think I must be doing something wrong or at least nobody cared about what I wrote.  More than once, I came close to giving up blogging.

Then, I realized that I wasn’t blogging for some nebulous audience.  I was writing for myself.  It suddenly didn’t matter to me whether I had one reader or one hundred,  (Though one hundred readers would be nice.)

Over the years, I’ve written on many subjects from the geeky to the serious.  I’ve gone from being the father of a five year old and a one year old to the dad of a child in Grade 5 and a child in Grade 1.  (The math geek in me likes that for some reason.)  I’ve published 1,194 blog posts here, 34 posts over at Dad Revolution, and 4 guest posts in a few other places.  I don’t have a total word count, but that’s a LOT of writing.

I’ve met many wonderful people (some in person, many more online only) and have learnt things that I never would have learned had I never began to blog.  I wonder what I’ll learn during the next five years.

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  • Congrats on 5 years of blogging! I just celebrated my first year. It’s amazing how the time flies. Best of luck.

  • I recall you mentioned it was your 5 year bloggiversary this week, so I stopped by and found this. I agree about the whole “writing for myself” thing, but it does get hard. Drawing a blog is time consuming and draws deeply on my energy. When no comments come, I have to remember that I’d be drawing anyway, even without a blog.

    I don’t get much time to read blogs, but I love tweeting with you. I consider you to be one of the more wonderful people I’ve met online and hope that someday we’ll get to meet in the REALZ!



  • Woo-hoo!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats and wishing you many more celebrations!