Doctor Who? Doctor TechyDad!

After spending time sewing my fez and bowtie and hunting down some suspenders, it’s time to reveal my Doctor outfit.

TheDoctorTechyDad Sonic-Fez-And-Bow-Tie

In fact, I think I’ve found my new Twitter Avatar:


Want to know how much it all cost?  Well, here’s the breakdown:

The shirt, jacket, pants, and shoes (not pictured) were essentially free as I already owned these.  Same for the sonic screwdriver which was a birthday present.  The suspenders came from Hot Topic and cost about $9.20.  I made the bow tie myself out of materials that cost me about $1.30.  I also made the fez myself from materials that cost about $2.  This means that the Doctor outfit only cost me about $12.50.  Not bad.

There’s one more piece to my costume, though.


Yes, that’s a TARDIS key.  This was a very easy project.  Do you ever get junk mailings from car dealerships with keys?  The intent is that you go to the dealership, try out the key, and you win a car if it fits in the car’s lock.  Of course, the entire setup is a ploy to get you into a dealership so they can sell you a car (when your key inevitably fails to fit in a car).

Instead of going to the dealership or tossing the key, I simply cleaned it off and used my label maker to make a "POLICE BOX" label for it.  (Yes, I know the TARDIS key on the show is all silver and doesn’t say "POLICE BOX."  Artistic license.)  It’s a small detail that I’m sure nobody will see, but I liked making it.  Now if only I can remember where I parked my TARDIS.

Now I just need to wait one more day until Halloween so I can wear this costume while the boys go trick or treating.  Is it Halloween yet?  What about now?  Man, time sure does go slowly when you don’t have a time machine!

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