Doctor Who Excitement Building

The Doctor Who 50th anniversary special is a mere days away.  First, the TV trailer was released.  This showed us some wonderful scenes with David Tennant’s 10th Doctor alongside Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor.  It looks as though the two Doctors are going to have a bit of a friendly yet antagonistic relationship.  While one scene shows then sitting down, crossing their legs, and crossing their arms at the exact same pace (as if of one mind), other scenes show Ten and Eleven try to one up each other’s sonic screwdriver.  Then there’s the scene where Tennant notices that Smith "redecorated" the TARDIS – just before exclaiming (in that unique Tennant  Matt Smith and David Tennant manner – "I don’t like it."

If this got me jumping with joy, though, the next preview got me climbing the walls with anticipation.  While the 50th anniversary special is called "The Day of the Doctor", this preview is titled "The Night of the Doctor."

This prequel features the return of Peter McGann as the 8th Doctor.  Peter previously played the Doctor in a 1996 movie.  Fans have speculated for awhile about how McGann’s 8th Doctor transitioned into Eccleston’s war-scarred 9th Doctor.  Now we know part of the story and I have a feeling we’ll know the rest by November 23rd.

My boys have been feverishly catching up but seeing as how they are currently 17 episodes from the most recent episode, I doubt they’ll make it in time.  Of course, I’ll record the special to show to them when they catch up.  I did, however, show them the trailer and will show them the prequel as well.  They loved seeing the two Doctors together.  I can’t wait for them to be all caught up so we can watch new Doctor Who episodes together as they air.