Surgery Day


Today’s the day that we’ve been nervous about for some time: Surgery Day.  Today, JSL is going to go under general anesthesia to have his adenoids cut back, his turbinates cut out, and to have his tongue tie taken care of.  JSL is understandably nervous.  So is NHL for whom surgery is an anxiety trigger.

Truth be told, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t nervous either.  I keep saying it is a routine procedure.  I keep telling myself that it will only last an hour at most.  I keep saying that the doctors do this all the time.  I keep remembering that two of my nephews have had this done with no complications.  Still, I can’t help but be scared over what will happen.  It’s all I can do to hide my nervous feelings from JSL and NHL since I don’t want them getting even more nervous.

Have you ever had a child go in for surgery?  If so, how did you handle the nerves?

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  • I’ve never had a child go through surgery…but my little brother had a pretty big operation when he was ten. I don’t know how my parents coped; we were living in Hong Kong at the time and there was almost no family there.

    I hope JSL heals well and you guys can all relax soon. Hugs.