Surgery Results

On Friday, I got up, dropped NHL off at Aunt S’s house, and then went back home to pick up JSL and B.  It was almost JSL’s surgery.

We packed some toys for JSL to play with and a stuffed monkey to keep him company and went to the hospital.


There, JSL sat nervously while we had our information taken and waited our turn.  They gave JSL an armband and let him fill one out for his monkey as well.


Finally, JSL’s name was called and in we walked.  They weighed JSL and checked how tall he was.  Then they showed us to a bed.

Here, JSL changed into a hospital gown and had the procedure explained to him.  He was given a medicine (versed) that helped him relax.  Pretty soon, JSL was curling up with his stuffed monkey, ready to go to sleep.  At this point, the nurse came over and wheeled his off to surgery.


We waited anxiously for news and soon enough learned that the surgery went well and he was in recovery.  Once he was conscious again, we were allowed in.  He was still tired and complained that his throat hurt (from the tube that went down it).

He ate some popcicles, took some medicine for the pain, and eventually got to ride a wheelchair out.

popcicles_after_surgery wheelchair_jsl

Unfortunately, that’s not where the story ends.  He has developed a low grade fever and a stuffed up yet somehow  leaky-at-the-same-time nose has kept him (and by extension us) up all night long.  The doctor said this is normal and recommended some medicines to help alleviate the symptoms.

Hopefully, he feels better soon and sleeps through the night.  Otherwise, we’ll seriously test just how little sleep I can get and stay coherent.