A Quick Post About An Exhausting Weekend – Caption This Cat

This weekend was an exhausting one.  We went to B’s aunt’s house by the lake every day where we swam in the pool, played on the beach, went out on a boat, had fun with our relatives, and ate a lot of food.  This weekend was also mentally exhausting because my mother rushed to the ER with severe stomach pains and nausea.  After thinking it might be appendicitis, the actual cause was determined to be gall stones.  Luckily, she passed them.  Not-so-luckily, once a gall bladder starts making gall stones, it will just make more of them and they can be fatal.  So her gall bladder had to come out.  Surgery was scheduled, she was operated on, and – after a day – she was allowed to go home.

Though I took a ton of photos over the weekend, I was physically and mentally wiped out at the end of each night and just climbed into bed.  Sunday night, I finally got the chance to look them through.  Still, though, I might need awhile to process through them and see what will get posted.

Until I do, here’s one I knew I wanted to post.  It’s of Aunt S’s new cat, Oliver.  The kids had fun playing with him and his other kitten sibling during our time there.  The kitten really loved chasing laser pointers and playing with toys.  Oliver even let me pick him up.



But this photo was my favorite.  I caught Oliver mid-meow and this expression was priceless.


I feel like this should have a witty caption, but my brain is still too tired to come up with one.  So I’m leaving it up to you.

What would you caption this photo?